Kanji Maeda
Adviser and ex-Chairman of the Board
Japan Electronic Publishing Association

Japan Electronic Publishing Association(JEPA) was founded in 1986 by Japanese leading companies in the publishing, printing and computer technologies and softwares trade, aiming at creating a new style of publishing to make it possible to express what we cannot express by usual paper publications. Promoting digitalization of publishing, JEPA has held various kinds of seminars till today, on the advanced technologies such as CD-ROM format in Japanese, CD Interactive(CD-I), Digital Video Disc(DVD), Desktop Publishing(DTP), Internet Publishing, CD-ROM Publishing and so forth, as well as a series of seminars on copyright in multimedia electronic publishing. Also, concerning fonts, the World Font Committee was set up as one of the Special Committees for the Earth and Human Beings and started its activities on researching and studying in 1992. After seven-year trial and error, we can possibly offer this "JEPA World Font CD 1999" at last, to all publishing, printing and computer industries of the world. Today, people came to be able to communicate each other over seas and continents, in a flash, through the internet covered by World Wide Web, which developed and became popular rapidly as a way of international communication, and we feel very proud that we can introduce here the latest technology on the multi-lingual environment of internet browser and fonts, which are both essential for internet communication. At the last but not least, we are deeply grateful to all supports to production of this CD, and we express special thanks for their positive backing up, to: Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft KK (Japan)
Adobe Systems
DynaLab Japan Ltd.
XKP Council
Mojikyo Council/AI-Net
EAST Co., Ltd.

How to use this CD.

Kazuo Shimokawa
Chairman, World Font Committee
Director, Japan Electronic Publishing Association

This CD-ROM contains linguistic data and programs, which are described below.

The whole contents had been checked for viruses before this CD was created. Although each program comes with its uninstaller, some programs should not be installed at all due to problems related to Windows versions and languages, please pay attention as to which programs you install on your computer.

Furthermore, it should be noted that no support will be provided by JEPA, since each of the data and programs in this CD is either a trial, a sample, or an unlimitedly distributable version.

How to view international characters over the Internet.

For MS Internet Explorer 4.0 users:

You can download font of foreign languages from Microsoft internet homepage. Instruction for downloading is as follows :
1. Access Microsoft homepage to :
2. Choose "Download."
3. Choose your operating system and "Internet Explorer 4.0 Addons."
4. Choose "Yes" for confirmation to check components already installed in your computer.
5. Choose languages from the list "Multi-Language Support" and push "NEXT."
6. Confirm components which you would like to install, and push "Install Now"
It takes time to dowload mass data.

For Netscape Navigator users:

You will be able to see the character sets of mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, once you have installed the following file:


DynaLab Asia Surf

With this software being a trial version, you may use it for only twenty (20) days after its installation.

CJK Home Pages. (These are samples.)

KS: Korea, Big5: Taiwan, GB: China, JIS Japan

China Forum(GB,Big5,JIS)

Korea Assembly(KS)

Microsoft Korea(KS)

Microsoft Taiwan(Big5)

Hong Kong PC(Big5)

China Network(GB)

CND Magazine(GB,Big5)



Microsoft Internet Exploer 4.01 with Service Pack1 for Win95 & NT

Each language version of MS Internet Explorer contained in this CD should be used with the appropriate language version of Windows 95.

Windows 95 might behave unexpectedly if you install a wrong language version of MS-IE, for instance, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 with Thai support onto a computer running Japanese Windows 95, or MS Internet Explorer 4.0 with Hebrew support onto a computer running German Windows 95.

Internet Explorer 4.01 with Authenticode 2.0 Full Install for Windows 95

Adobe Acrobat Reader

These products are as of September 1998. As regards the latest updates, please refer to the pages at As for matters that require attention when handling each of these products, please consult the clauses of its contract.

Windows 95 might behave unexpectedly if you install a wrong language version of Acrobat Reader.
acrobat\ar32j30.exeAcrobat Reader 3.0J(Japanese)
acrobat\ar32e301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(English)
acrobat\ar32n301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(Dutch)
acrobat\ar32f301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(French)
acrobat\ar32d301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(German)
acrobat\ar32i301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(Italian)
acrobat\ar32s301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(Spanish)
acrobat\ar32v301.exeAcrobat Reader 3.01(Swedish)

XKP Unicode Fonts

The Windows NT Extended Kanji Processing Council (XKP) is an organization that standardizes user-defined character processing systems that make use of the Unicode encoding standard.
You cannot install the Unicode fonts in this CD on computers running English Windows 95. Please use Japanese Windows NT 4.0 in a Level II CD of the Microsoft Developer Network to install these fonts.

Although you might be able to install these fonts on your computer running Japanese Windows 95/98, programming with wide (Unicode-encoded) character related functions of the C language will be required.

These products are strictly limited to the personal, trial use. If you want to use them commercially, you must enter into an agreement with each vendor. You need appropriate consents in advance if you want to reuse or quote the data, programs, and documents. No support is provided for these products.

Unicode CJK20902 Characters True Type sample fonts.

Executable only under Japanese Windows NT 4.0/3.51.

KanjiLink XKP Trial

This is a trial version of KanjiLink XKP 2.01, which works on Windows NT 4.0/3.51 of Japanese version.

xkp\kanjilink\readme.txtKanjiLink XKP

EAST DTONIC Dictionary

You can install it in your hard disk on your computer and use dictionaries and an encyclopedia as follows :
KOJIEN Dictionary(Iwanami Shoten, Publishers)
SHIN-JIRIN Dictionary(Sanseido Co.Ltd., Publishers)
New Collegiate English-Japanese and Japanese-English Dictionary(Kenkyusha Ltd.)
Encyclopedia of Batterflies
Three dictionaries contains only the term "Hiragana A" and "A".
"Encyclopedia of Batterflies" is perfectly contained with the author's pleasant consent.
Executable only under Japanese Windows 95/98.


Mojikyo 80000 Kanji Fonts

This is a viewer for 80,000 Kanji characters in TrueType Font and Bitmap Font, which are included in "Mojikyo"
This CD-ROM includes MOJIKYO viewer both in English and Japanese. Using this software, you can retrieve and display 80,000 Kanji characters on Windows95/98 in any languages.
Please read and accept the agreement before using this software, to understand the idea of Mojikyo project.

TrueType Font can be installed normally only on Windows95/98 in Japanese.
Mojikyo\Fonts\Mojikyo 80000 TrueType Fonts
Mojikyo\Viewer\mofview.exeMojikyo 80000 Bitmap Fonts Viewer

How to enter Kanji on internet

Microsoft Global IME for Win 95, 98 & NT 4

This software enable you to enter Kanji characters(Han-style Chinese, Kan-style Chinese, Japanese and Korean) from the keyboard of Windows-running computer of any country, however, you should not install Global IME of the same language as your Windows system runs.
Internet Explorer 4.0 is also needed. Instruction for downloading is :
1. Access Microsoft Internet Explorer homepage to :
2. Choose "Download."
3. Choose your operating system and "Internet Explorer 4.0 Addons."
4. Choose "Yes" for confirmation to check components already installed in your computer.
5. Choose "download Global IME" from "Write in Multiple Languages Online !"
6. Choose a language you would like to download and push "NEXT."
7. Select a download site from the list and push "NEXT" to start dowload.
It takes time to dowload mass data.

Copyright Notice.

[IE4]Microsoft Corporation
[Unicode Fonts, AsiaSurf]DynaLab Inc.
[Acrobat Reader]Adobe Systems Inc.
[XKP Specification]Windows NT Extended Kanji Processing Council
[DTONIC Dictionary Viewer]EAST Co.,Ltd.
[Mojikyo]AI-Net Corp.

Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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