Company Information

We, founded in 1985, are a software company having strengths in Windows, cloud computing and smart device apps.

We have about 100 people with mostly software engineers, Microsoft K.K is one of stakeholders, and developing Azure, AWS, Android and iOS applications.
We are specialized in digital documents handling backed by Kanji, Japanese dictionaries, and Japanese texts handling advantages.
In 2000, we have established a W3C standard for Japanese Texts Layout sponsored by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The standard defines a vertical-writing mode, Ruby and other Japanese unique text handling, and being accepted by major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Name EAST Co.,Ltd.
Slogan Along with personal computers
Address 2-22-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3374-1980
FAX +81-3-3374-2998
Founded May 4th, 1985
Capital stock JPY 82,300,000
Stockholders Board members, company employees, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., others
Employees 100 (October 2018)
Kazuo Shimokawa
Tetsuya Kumano
Toshiya Oshima
Tetsuji Fujii
Kenzaburo Tamaru
Yoshiaki Uchida